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Video Studio's Portland

Video Studio's Portland owned by Timber & Chase is a full service production facility.  Where influencers, content creators, vloggers, & small business owners are working on their latest socially influenced product push, recording informative video's for customer's, employees, and even their new hires.

Timber & Chase Studio's is open to those who complete our short equipment class and have paid their fees to secure a block of ongoing studio time.


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Video Editing

"We're a continuously growing, always evolving, partnership making, team building, creativity exploding, knowledge sharing.... awesome pack of designers, creators, content purveyors, and perfection seekers. You have to join us here!"  

Brian Morrison, Art Dir. - NBC Affiliates TV

Pro Industry Staff
with Real Time Assistance

Not only will you get a small and focused class to learn our audio, video, editing, lighting , set decorating, make-up and wardrobe if you wish . . . .

You can also meet a local media production industry professional that really wants you to succeed.

Try getting that in your Mom's basement or even at any other studio in town.


Studio Quality =

Longer TSW Engagement

Turn the creative process into proven results that drive fans to longer Time Spent Watching which increases monetization ratios over & over. 


Stop spending money on looking "okay" online.  It's time to let your inner-pro shine.  


Studio vloggers average 5x more viewers than their basic vlog challengers.


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Timber & Chase Portland

1706 NW Glisan Street

Portland, OR 97209

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